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Ecoist bags and accessories are the inspiration behind each RULA product. Upcycled from candy wrappers, magazines, newspapers, food labels, and soda labels; Ecoist has shown a creative way to transform waste into functional and fashionable products and accessories. Their colorful and trendy designs are not just eye-catching but are great fashion statement for the environmentally-conscious crowd. shows an array of products made from colorful candy wrappers. For example their M&M’s bag collection is a fun and colorful line; deliciously designed and fashionably created to match a smart casual outfit.

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Their Coca-Cola collection has classic designs that are elegant and timeless. The vibrant Coke colors are great accents not only to a smart casual outfit but also to a solid-colored formal outfit.

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In the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga has set a global standard on social responsibility. Gawad Kalinga (GK) has not only provided homes for the poor but has also come up with a lot of environmentally friendly products like their GKonomiks Fashion Bags.

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GKonomiks is the social entrepreneurship program of Gawad Kalinga. This Program has not just empowered women from low-income families to make a living but has also inspired communities to upcycle waste. This has truly contributed to the positive mindset of waste management. The beauty, creativity, and livelihood outcomes of the GKonomiks bags have inspired more people to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Like Ecoist, Gawad Kalinga has set their creative parameters on waste management, sustainability, and empowerment.

RULA Fashions started with a box of old magazines. With the help of creative minds and hands, the old magazines were cut, folded, and woven into small gift bags. Eventually, a process was established to make bigger and more durable bags. This led to RULA Bags. Now RULA Fashions partners with companies, collecting used papers and magazines and upcycling them into bags and accessories. Two years after the first RULA bag was created, RULA Bags are finally available in Le Grand Boutique located in NAIA Terminal 3.

RULA Fashions will forever be inspired by Gawad Kalinga and Ecoist.

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