Terms and Conditions

Rulafashions.com is dedicated to women who want to make use of their free time to learn a skill. The videos have been posted for women that want to learn how to make RULA bags. This is a website that only accommodates comments and messages that have something to do with upcycling and learning the craft of making RULA bags.

Rulafashions.com will only welcome messages and comments that are relevant to the website. Under no circumstances will this website allow and tolerate messages that will hurt other people. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR PERSONAL VENDETTAS. RULA is all about women that want to make to make a difference. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then leave this website right away.

Rulafashions.com does not sell online. Should there be any kind of compensation, it’s thru the affiliate program. Except for the affiliate banners, all the articles and photos here are owned by Rulafashions.com. USING THEM ON OTHER WEBSITES IS AGAINST THE LAW.

If the terms and conditions listed above are violated, Rulafashions.com will not hesitate to seek legal action.

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