The RULA Effect

Gorgeous RULA ladies from left to right are Emma Zepeda, Jonabelle Arceo, Nida Bandin, and Marie Gonzales.

RULA may have stopped selling bags, but the RULA effect definitely lives on. It’s all thanks to the hard-working, creative women and men of Station Nine.

Nothing lasts forever. That’s for sure. Thanks to the cycle of life, things change.  The most normal and reasonable thing to do is to accept change. 

A major change for RULA was when the retail part of the business closed.  It was time to move on and do other things. This website,, aims to do just that.

Working With Amazing Women 

Working with amazing women was more than just fun; it was interesting. Getting everyone on board was interesting because there was so much to learn from each and everyone. It was important to get to know the amazing women first before getting them on board. 

We eventually found a common ground. We were all stay-at-home moms who really wanted to earn. That made it easy for us to really work together. 

Everybody got to work right away.  The amazing women didn’t waste any time learning the process of making a bag. The peculiar thing was that they never really sat down to learn as a group. It was one amazing woman learning from another amazing woman. Why? Well, they had household chores to do. They had to do the laundry (by hand), cook, and take care of the kids. Yes, there were a lot of kids to be cared for. 

As far as I can remember, Nida and Daisy were the only ones who really sat down with us to learn the whole process. That’s the reason why they became experts in the sewing phase of the whole process. 

Everybody else learned snippets of the process from each other. For example, an amazing woman named Abe was so good with the interlocking part that she could do it so fast.

The other amazing women found their niche in the folding part, with their hubbies doing the cutting part of the process. One RULA bag was literally a community’s work of art. Our job was to make sure they got the right measurements so that all bags would come out the same and they did.

These are amazing women who claimed they never went to school. With the way they made RULA bags, it was pretty hard to tell.

Changing Lives One RULA Bag at a Time

The most lasting effect RULA has on the amazing women of the community is not the part where they earned. Of course, that was good as well since they were able to have extra income that could help augment their daily needs.

However the most lasting effect is the fact that they kept on going, making their own bags. They held on the skill and valued it.

Even if we are not making bags anymore, we still have video modules to teach more women how to make their own RULA bags. Through these modules, more and more people will be able to learn how to live an ecofriendly lifestyle. That is all we hope for here at RULA fashions.