The RULA Classroom

Welcome to the RULA Classroom!
Take the first steps to converting trash to cash. Learn how to make your own RULA bags with our helpful step-by-step process videos.
In this classroom, you will find the basic steps in making a RULA bag.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.



At the end of this module, you should be able to make a RULA Pitakash with a pattern of 20 Chains 02x Layers.




    • Scissors
    • Thread (crochet thread or any kind of thick thread)
    • Old magazines
    • Puncher
    • Packaging Tape (Clear)


  • Plastic Needle ( Please refer to the video below to make your own. You can use any kind of plastic material. In the video, we used the lid of an ice cream container. )



A. Cutting

Cut the pages of the magazines into rectangular shapes.
The paper size is 7 inches for the width and 3.5 inches for the height. This is the paper size we call double.


If the paper is too thick, cut the double sized-paper in half. This is the paper-size that we call single.



B. Folding


C. Laminating


D. Making a Chain


E. Interlocking


F. Sewing (Part One)

Sewing (Part Two)

Make sure that the squares are positioned alternately to make it look like they are woven.
Once you go through all these steps, you now have yourself a beautiful, ecofriendly RULA bag! If your product does not look nice, then do not worry. Practice makes perfect. Trust us!
We hope you had a great time going through the process. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by making different items. You can use your lessons from these modules to make bigger bags, hair accessories, jewelry, keychains, and so many more wonderful accessories. The list goes on and on.
So, don’t be afraid to get even more creative with this craft. If you can set your mind to it, you can do it.

5 thoughts on “The RULA Classroom

  1. xenia

    It looks so easy but it’s not. I appreciate your product more now that I’m learning how make one. Your ladies must be really good.

  2. anna

    The sewing part is hard. But I guess I just need to practice it more. It’s good I came across your videos. I has been keeping me busy. Your story is inspiring. Thank you.

  3. citas

    All along I thought your bags were woven. I’m surprised to find out that they’re not. Nice! Thanks for sharing your videos. When I get a chance, I’ll try to make one of my own.


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