The Work of the RULA Crew

Thank you to all of the ladies who keep the RULA legacy alive by weaving so many beautiful bags! Here are the works of the women of Station Nine who continue making these bags to this day.  Mahal na mahal namin kayong lahat (We love you all so much).

RULA Crew Picture
Here are proud members of our RULA crew showing off some of the bags they made. The awesome ladies from left to right are Nida Bandin (team leader), Marie Gonzales, Gemma Gonzales, Lea Mae Marquez, Emma Zepeda, and Emily Bombita. 
RULA Bags 2
A bag made by one of the women from Station Nine.
RULA Crew Pic 2
Here are more of the wonderful women who are flaunting off their beautiful bags. Amazing ladies from left to right are Nida Bandin (team leader), Lolita  Dela Guzman, Marian Soqueno, Emma Zepeda, and Claire Vallejos.  
RULA Bags 4
Another bag made by a RULA crew member. She even added a keychain to her bag. Isn’t it so cute?
This RULA bag made by a crew member is so colorful! The purple strap is such a great idea to add more color to your bag.
More smiling RULA crew members using their bags. They are as beautiful as their beautiful bags. Don’t you agree? Smiling RULA ladies from left to right are Nida Bandin (team leader), Lolita Dela Guzman, Marian Soqueno, Marie Cris Tizon (sitting down), Emma Zepeda, and Claire Vallejos (sitting down). 
A closer look at bags made by the women of Station Nine. You can customize your bag however you want, patterns or no patterns.
Here are the materials used to make the bags. All you need is paper, thread, maybe even some wooden handles, and you are on your way to making a durable and fashionable handbag.
RULA Crew Pic 6
Team leader, Nida Bandin,  finishing her own bag. The color scheme and the pattern is so nice. It definitely stands out!