Thank You, Daisy

Daisy RULAYou inspired us and our RULA community. We are extremely grateful for your hard work and contribution. You will always be missed.

“Isipin ko po.” Translated in English, the line means I’ll think about it. While the word ‘po’ is a sign of respect.

That’s Daisy’s favorite line. Every time she’s tasked to do something, she says, “Isipin ko po.” And she does think (hard) about it. Eventually she comes up with creative ideas. Her ability to think outside the box has contributed a lot to the design and quality of RULA bags. She’s simply amazing.

When Daisy started with RULA, she knew nothing about making the bags. But she easily learned how to do it. She was very patient. After a couple months, she became so good at it. She went on to teach the other ladies. She was relentless in getting the ladies to learn so they could earn some income.

The Team Leader

With her passion and commitment, she became the team leader. She knew how to get everybody together. She made the production line fun. She was always laughing. It didn’t matter if she was working overtime. She was just a fun person.

As a team leader, Daisy was fair to everyone. She made sure everybody had tasks to do. She got more women to join. She taught them well. Meeting deadlines was fun. The women gathered and worked the whole night. In spite of the stress to meet the deadline, Daisy made it fun for the ladies. They were always laughing and joking around. It was never work for them, Daisy made it fun.

A Loving Mom

Daisy was a loving mom to  two adorable kids. She loved them so much. She never went anywhere without them. She was there for them all the time. She loved making the bags because she could still be with her kids. At the same time, she was earning some her keep. It wasn’t much but it helped in their day-to-day expenses.

A Wonderful Person In And Out

Daisy was a wonderful person. She was beautiful inside out. She was always positive about life. When deadlines were tight, she never complained. As a matter of fact, she handled those situations well. Daisy made sure each lady had a task to do. She also made sure each lady liked what she was doing. There was no conflict. Daisy was able to establish and maintain a harmonious working relationship.

This is going to be our first Christmas without Daisy. She’s now back with our Creator. She passed on when she gave birth to her third child. We miss her now. We’ll miss her more this Christmas.

Thank you, Daisy for inspiring women to work and do something productive. Thank you, Daisy for patiently teaching the women around you so that they, too, can earn. Thank you, Daisy for showing us that good people still exist. You will always be part of RULA.