From Adversity to Opportunity

RULA Classroom

It All Started With The Devastation From Ondoy

RULA was conceptualized soon after Ondoy flooded Metro Manila. With a huge box of old glossy magazines, the thought of throwing all the magazines out just didn’t seem like a good idea.

The aftermath of Ondoy was an eye-opener to smartly dispose of anything. Thus, throwing away a box of old magazines just didn’t seem like a great idea. It was a good time to upcycle old materials.  Three years after the first RULA bag was put together, we have taught several women from communities in Pampanga and Quezon City.

Our Inspiration: Gum Wrapper Bags

RULA bags are patterned after gum wrapper bags. According to

“Gum wrapper bags or purses can be made from long flat stick gum wrappers  or from  other recycled materials. The name itself refers to the folding method and not what  type of material is used to make the bag. They are known as “green” bags because the gum wrapper bag or purse can be made from recyclable household plastic, paper or aluminum foiled type item. Very colorful gum wrapper bags or purses can be made from an assortment of chip bags.”

In the case of RULA, the pages of old glossy magazines were used instead.  The glossy pages were used to experiment on how to make a gum wrapper bags. It wasn’t an easy task to do. There was a lot of research done to learn the basic steps in making a gum wrapper bag. As the process of making a RULA bag was refined, the standard steps were finalized as the following:

  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Laminating
  • Interlocking
  • Sewing

Soon as the process was refined, RULA reached out to women so that they could help make the bags. The first community RULA reached out to was Krus na Ligas in Quezon City.

Training women to make RULA bags became a vital part of the business structure. As a small medium enterprise, we thought it was a good idea to train  women, particularly housewives, to help with the production. The housewives can still stay home and watch the kids; at the same time earn a little.

It has been about three years since RULA started and a team of creative and passionate women has evolved from one of the communities in Quezon City.  The women, as a step-up, teach other women the craft of making a RULA bag. While they still make bags in the production line, they have been trained to teach the RULA process to women in other communities.

Visit Our Classroom

RULA Classroom 2We are happy to launch the RULA Clasroom. Our aim is to reach as many women as possible through the RULA classroom.

While RULA can still teach in the traditional classroom manner, the basic steps posted on this website can help anybody learn anytime and anywhere.

Just click HERE to start learning how to make your own bag.  Feel free to email us in case you have any questions about the process.