Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When it comes to privacy, we take it seriously. You should too. You should never be too generous with your personal data because you will never know where they’ll end up.

The digital world has made it very easy to share personal data. For your own safety, you have to know how my website collects information about you.

I guarantee you that we keep all personal data collected here on our website confidential. This Privacy Policy explains exactly how your personal data is collected and protected here. Please take some to read it.

What You Should Know

Our website uses cookies to collect information from visitors. It’s because of the cookies that we are able to track our visitors. This is a standard practice. Hence, most websites make use of cookies as well.

Here’s What Happens To The Data You Provide

The personal data you share on our website are collected by the cookies. Once that happens, you get a more customized feel of our website on your next visit. So basically, the cookies are there to make your visit more personalized.

On our part, we use the information to analyze the traffic so that we can provide you a better user experience on your next visit.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always turn off the cookies in your computer. However, you won’t be able to enjoy all the features of my website or any website for that matter.

You should also know that our website is able to capture your IP address. Again, all websites do that because that is a standard internet practice. We are able to get vital information about you from your IP address such as your location and the pages you view on my website. We use those data to analyze the profiles and traffic of my visitors. Such vital information helps us enhance our website.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you that we don’t share any of our personal information with any company or third party service provider. Should you decide to make a purchase, your personal information, such as your credit card number, goes directly to the vendor. We won’t have access to the personal information you share with the vendor.

Please make sure to stay updated with our Privacy Policy. Should there be any changes, they will be posted here. We will not send you emails regarding the changes and updates. Please make sure to read our Privacy Policy from time to time.

You accept and agree to the Privacy Policy described above each time you access and visit the RULA Fashions website.

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