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Ecoswitch Award

RULA is an acronym for Radically Unique Lifestyle Accessories. Simply put, these are environmentally friendly handbags upcycled from old magazines. The handbags were conceptualized from the challenge to turn a box of trash into cash. But cashing in the trash was not the only exciting thing about concept. The real challenge was to come up with a product composed of recyclable materials. After a series of product research and experiment, papers were cut, folded, and interlocked to come up with ecofriendly handbags called RULA.

RULA handbags are made the same way ‘bayongs’ are made. “Bayongs’ are Philippine-made bags that are used for going to the wet market. These bags are very colorful and spacious.

RULA partners with companies that provide old corporate magazines, brochures, etc. The bag making is then taught in communities for livelihood.

To this day, RULA not only aims to create environmentally friendly handbags. It commits  to upcycle more products from old magazines that can be functional and stylish at the same time.

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  1. farrah

    Keep it up! I was able to buy a bag in the airport and I’m amazed at how it’s holding up. It’s very sturdy. I wish I had bought more.


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